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Coral Sunset

The Coral Sunset Peony is notorious for its ruffled, semidouble blooms that boasts an intense coral color and an overlay of rose. The center bursts with golden stamens and a moderate fragrance that makes it a favorite for bouquets.

Dutchess De Nemours

This classic century-old peony is valued for its large, double white flowers with cup-shaped outer petals. It’s a dense, frilly flower that glows slightly golden in the light and features a pleasurable aroma that delights and dazzles.

Felix Supreme

The stunning Felix Supreme Peony impresses with its large double ruby red and rich rose colors. It is a durable and dense peony species with a mild aroma and lush appearance, making it favorite within the commercial cut trade.

Sarah Bernhardt

This beloved heirloom peony from 1906 is delightfully fragrant with luxurious large double flowers. Its signature pastel pink color and globe-shaped appearance makes it world famous and widely recognized among the peony family.

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